One family, many dreams.

We do conservation of tropical rainforest with an emphasis on education, sustainability, tourism, and research.



Join one of our  family experiences and learn how Costaricans truly live and breathe life in one of the most bio-diverse areas of the planet.

Lets go in adventures through the forest experiencing first hand knowledge of locals about wildlife, coffee farming and agriculture


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Suggestions and Park Guidelines



We refuse single use plastics (Hopefully you also do so, if not now when?) So we don't sell Water bottles.

Instead we encourage you to bring your own reusable bottle and refill it with our wonderful Monteverde Spring water

Shoes, Raingear and Sunblock

Sandals are a poor choice to enjoy the forest, in Monteverde we strongly encourage closed shoes when walking in any trail.

Rain is a common thing in the rainforest (Surprise!) so having a drybag for electronics can be nifty when it starts to pour.

Sunblock it’s also essential to care for your skin especially if you visit us during the dryer months

Park Guidelines

  1. No pets allowed

  2. No feeding wildlife under any circumstance

  3. Don't attempt to pet or pose wildlife for photographs

  4. Stay on the trails

  5. No Smoking

  6. By Costa Rican law is forbidden to extract animals, plants or insects from their natural habitat


Our small patch of forest has been involved in many studies that have allowed us to have a broader understantiding and clearer perception of our surroundings.

We want to thank all the biologists that visit us and also from time to time share in this space some of the work they do in our forest.

Also here are links to different oganizations we work in Monteverde that promote and create awareness and importance of science i our community:

Instituto Monteverde


With great happiness we want to showcase de Work of the Biologist Dennis Finger from the University of California with Long tailed Manakins.

This short video is a window into the lives of these fantastic birds , enjoy!